In a faraway land, among blossoming gardens, there is a Castle widely acclaimed in the chronicles of Poland and Europe, famous for the mysteries of its chambers, walls and cellars.

The Castle itself and its location, one of the most charming in Poland, fascinated us with its architecture and landscape gardens.

The idea occurred to us to organize a meeting of people who may appreciate this place and, on top of that, bring in new values: their emotions and passions.

Ready for you:
  • music created by DJs with true passion for tango
  • 40 hours of dancing
  • 220m2 of wooden parquet floor in the Castle ballroom
  • accommodation in atmospheric rooms (a special price for the participants) in the castle grounds, princely breakfasts,
  • hot meal every night, snacks, drinks during the whole marathon
On top of that:
  • the medieval castle tour
  • aura of mystery
  • sweet fragrance of rhododendrons


Friday 17th

16:00 Maraton Check-In
17:00-23:00 DJ Tino Iacovino
23:00-4:00 DJ Andrés Vilks
19:00-21:00 dinner (optional)
23:30-1:30 - hot meal

Saturday 18th

14:00-18:00 DJ Esteban Mario Garcia
20:00-2:00 DJ Andrea Dedó
2:00-4:00 DJ Mateusz Stach
23:30-1:30 - hot meal

Sunday 19th

12:00-18:00 DJ German Niemoljakin
20:00-2:00 afterparty DJ Arletta Sadowska



“You are Energy for the milonga!” this is one of the best congratulations that i received after a milonga set!

I like think the DJ rules like this, give always new energy at the dancers, try to propose every time the right tanda at the right moment and ignite the magic of the milonga!
Thanks to an intense background as musician, dancer and tango teacher, and to a continuous study, Andrea Dedò always is able to interpret to the best the dancefloor to the delight of our feet!
From several years he travel around Europe to playing at the best Festivals and Marathons.
More than 500 night playing!
His style it’s absolutely traditional.
“Todo el mundo a bailar!”
Andrea Dedò Is the artistic director of the International L'Aquila Tango Marathon & Festival, as well as the creator and director of the Italian Tango magazine "El Tanguero". From 2009 is the residenti DJ of the “Milonga di Camila” (Italy).
As a DJ, whether I am playing digital music or original vinyls, it is very important to me that the dancers can hear the best possible quality of music. Currently, I am DJ’ing in local Berlin milongas and travel throughout Europe for festivals and marathons.


My evenings are with traditional music, which starts from the thirties up to the fifties. I prefer tangos of orchestras like D 'Arienzo, Di Sarli, Canaro, Biagi, Troilo, Laurenz, Demare, Tanturi and Pugliese, just to name a few. They can be instrumental or sung, and the tandas that derive from it are always accompanied by a curtain. I've been a musicalizador for ten years. I'm present in Genoa and Borghetto Santo Spirito as a resident DJ. In these years as well as in Italy, I have musicalized in France, Montecarlo, Poland, Spain, Lithuania and Latvia both in festivals, meetings, marathons and classical milongas.


The music I play flows from the heart ... I prefer romantic, melancholy and melodious tandas. Nonetheless, my playlists may be dynamic and flippant. Recently, I am becoming more and more inclined towards the "Golden Age" appreciating the virtuosity and richness of the rhythm of the tango classics which gives room for interesting interpretation of music. I stray from a normal path when selecting milongas - here I may go a little loco. I try to diversify tango moods and climates to appeal to many tastes. My dream is that every dancer found satisfaction in dancing and heard their beloved tango during the milonga.


As a dj, I play the golden age music, selecting tandas in the most traditional way – tango tango vals tango tango milonga. I believe the main thing a dj could share with dancers is passion for tango. I play records from the computer and from vinyls as well. You can listen to my tango – radio Tango Radio Buena Junta channel.


Tango music is incredibly powerful.

I look for power in every track I play, no matter if it’s guardia vieja or guardia nueva.

An approach with proved to be successfulat numerous milongas and festivals in Ukraine and abroad.


I choose from my favourite tangos and compose tandas which, as a rule, are romantic and melodious. In the "Golden Age" I find virtuosity and richness of rhythm. I appreciate tango classics very much, and it is mainly their compositions which form the foundation of my lists. In my playlists, you'll find not only sentimental reflection, but also drive and vigour. I try to differentiate climates and musical moods to satisfy many tastes and make sure that everyone has fun while dancing.


I am originally from Buenos Aires; since 2002, I have been based in Geneva, Switzerland. I took my first Tango steps thanks to the nostalgia for my motherland.
Now I share my passion for tango by teaching, organizing milongas, and DJing all around Europe. I take every opportunity I have to dance in as many cities, festivals, and marathons as possible. Also, I continue exploring and developing our dance by attending seminars in order to explore new techniques and find inspiration. And of course, I am always searching for that perfect tanda.


Książ is the third largest castle in Poland, no doubt boasting truly splendid location – it is situated in the Książ Landscape Park, one of the castles to be discovered on the Piast Dynasty Castles Route.

The Ballroom was built between 1909 - 1923 and was originally designed on an octagonal with a dome at its culmination. This beautiful semicircular vault is in the Ballroom also today, but it was hidden during reconstruction during the Second World War.

The hotel, charmingly located in the outer bailey of the majestic Książ Castle, stands on a rock at an altitude of 395 m. It continues the traditions of the former Hochberg manor which originally served as the guest residence attracting the European royalty with its unusual aura and magic surrounding the place.

Hotel 1. Książ

The Książ Hotel is located 40 meters from the castle, and offers cosy rooms in pastel colours, with free Wi-Fi and a TV set.

The rooms at the Książ hotel feature carved wooden furniture, each with a bathroom and shower cabin en suite.

Pokój w Zamku Książ

Breakfasts are served at the Książęca restaurant offering attractive menu. There is a sunny terrace with outdoor seating.

The atmospheric castle is a magic door to past centuries, and the surrounding landscape park appeals with the beauty of nature.

Hotel 2. Donkey Gate Hotel

Hotel Ośla Brama wnętrze

The Książ Castle Donkey Gate Hotel is situated in the castle grounds. The Książ Castle, standing in the middle of the landscape park, is the third largest castle in Poland. The historical Donkey Gate building and its interiors match the magnificent architecture of the historical Książ Castle. All rooms and apartments are decorated with antique furniture. Amenities include free WiFi, satellite TV and a small fridge.

Hotel 3. Mimi and Mariah Hotel

The hotel is within a walking distance, about 2 km away from the Castle, you can drive or walk, the stroll will take about 25 minutes. The hotel has spacious rooms and a SPA centre available for the guests.

The rooms are located at three levels, and are named after adopted theme patterns. On the ground floor, the decor of each room corresponds to selected countries of the world, on the first floor, to the most beautiful cities in Poland, and the top floor, separated by the corridor stylized into a birch forest, it reflects the most interesting places in the region.


We would love the first edition of the Magic Castle Marathon to be an opportunity for an encounter of tangueros and tanguers from different parts of Poland and Europe. It will be a modest size marathon; we can only accept 240 participants who will stay for 3 days in the Castle and in its vicinity.

In the Książ and the Donkey Gate Hotel all rooms have been reserved for participants at special prices. At the Maria Hotel, we have reserved a number of rooms for our guests, adequate to the number of Marathon participants.

First, we will register in the Książ Hotel and in the Donkey Gate Hotel, located next to the castle, and then in the Maria Hotel, 2 km from the castle.

Please note: there is a limited number of single and triple rooms; we will inform you of their availability.

Packages depending on the type of room 2 nights 17-19 May 2019,
2 breakfasts
3 nights 17-20 May 2019,
3 breakfasts
the package includes: all milongas, 2 hot meals at night, mineral water, juice, coffee, tea, fruits, and snacks.
Package 1
(single room)
570PLN/134€ before 31 Jan 2019,
610PLN/143€ after 31 Jan 2019
690PLN/162€ before 31 Jan 2019,
730PLN/171€ after 31 Jan 2019
Package 2
(double room)
540PLN/127€ before 31 Jan 2019,
580PLN/136€ after 31 Jan 2019
650PLN/153€ before 31 Jan 2019,
690PLN/162€ after 31 Jan 2019
Package 3
(triple room)
500PLN/117€ before 31 Jan 2019,
540PLN/127€ after 31 Jan 2019
590PLN/138€ before 31 Jan 2019,
630PLN/148€ after 31 Jan 2019
Marathon only package 360PLN/85€ before 31 Jan 2019
390PLN/92€ after 31 Jan 2019
  • a welcome dinner on Friday from 8pm to 10 pm
  • additional accommodation on 16 May on request, and depending on the choice of room.


Książ Castle in Wałbrzych

ul. Piastów Śląskich 1

58-306 Wałbrzych

Magic Team




+48 603 174 830